Pharmacokinetics Analysis Services

Pharmacokinetics (PK) studies are a key aspect of the drug development process. Data on drug Absorption Distribution, Metabolization and Elimination (ADME) are important elements for evaluation of efficacy and safety. Furthermore, PK-data provide essential guidance for identifying the appropriate dosing regimen.

IBR Inc. provides high quality analysis of Pharmacokinetics and Toxicokinetics samples derived from a variety of species like humans, non-human primates and rodents.

The scientists of IBR Inc. perform analysis in different matrices such as plasma, serum, urine, saliva or any other body fluid. The development and validation of a PK assay can be challenging due to matrix-interferences and drug-drug interactions. Interfering matrix components such as lipids, serum proteins, anticoagulants, anti-drug antibodies or other factors such as ionic strength, pH or viscosity or other administered drugs, might result in unreliable PK data. IBR Inc. is versed in tackling these challenges. Furthermore, the state-of-the-art equipment of IBR Inc. provides systemic reduction of matrix-effects, increased assay robustness and broader dynamic range.

IBR Inc. offers PK assay development, validation and sample analysis for any phase of the drug development process. The PK services are provided under the GCP quality standard in accordance with EMA and FDA regulations and following the ICH guidelines.

Our Technologies

To optimally support your Pharmacokinetic and Toxicokinetic studies we leverage our advanced technologies:

The Gyrolab™ is a largely automated microfluidic technology that benefits from minimal matrix interference, broad dynamic range and high sensitivity. The technology allows for a quick turnaround of analysis and is especially eligible for studies with small sample volumes - down to nanoliter scale.

The Meso Scale Discovery® (MSD) platform is an Electro-Chemi-Luminescence (ECL) based technology providing low matrix interference, high sensitivity, large dynamic range and high throughput.

In addition, our team is experienced in measurement of biotherapeutics in body fluids by AlphaLISA and in conventional ELISA technologies using colorimetric or fluorometric readouts.

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