Improving Data Accuracy with Robotic Process Automation

Automation Systems save time and improve efficiency and accuracy.

IBR Inc. moves on with rapid and constantly growing advances in automation technologies and uses state-of-the-art automation equipment to perform bioanalytical assays. The automation devices of IBR Inc. are validated and maintained according to the OECD Principles of Good Laboratory Practice, AGIT and GAMP 5 guidelines.

Automated liquid handling systems

Mantis Liquid Handler

  • Low CVs, highest data reproducibility
  • 6 µL dead volume to limit consumption of precious reagents
  • Dispensing range from 100s of mL down to 100 nl provides flexibility for assay miniaturization

The Formulatrix Mantis Liquid Handler efficiently dispenses any reagent regardless of volume, viscosity and temperature. It generates reproducible data through a positive displacement dispensing mechanism, which experts widely regard as the most reproducible technology for liquid handling. It enhances laboratory efficiency allowing for assay miniaturization and time saving laboratory procedures.

Gyrolab - The automated nanoliter-scale immunoassay platform

With Gyrolab™ xPlore IBR Inc. offers an immunoassay platform for high throughput and sample requirement down to nanoliter-scale. The system provides automated sample and reagent dispensing and is capable of processing up to 112 data points in 1 hour. The Gyrolab™ technique substantially decreases matrix effects and can be deployed for all body fluids, cell culture supernatants and lysates. The dynamic range of Gyrolab™ is much broader than the range of a conventional ELISA.

Electronic Pipettes and Check&Track® Pipette Calibration Software

Electronic pipettes offer specified accuracy and precision in both standard and repetitive as well as mix, reverse and custom pipetting modes.
Consistency in volume distribution across each channel, accuracy and precision are carefully checked with our own in-house developed Check&Track® Pipette Calibration Software.


Offers just-in-time management of pipette checks, certification and record keeping for pipettes in the GxP and Research laboratory.

Pipettes are the most important volumetric equipment in the laboratory. Success or failure of an experiment often depends on the accuracy and precision of pipetted volumes, particularly with multistep protocols where error can be magnified. In that case accurate and precise pipetting is essential.

Check&Track® has been developed by professionals in our GxP testing facility where daily routine demands rapid but accurate results. Check&Track® meets stringent quality system requirements. Its clear-cut design, free from non-essential features, also encourages researchers to get their pipettes periodically checked!

Check&Track® is a flexible software that organizes checking of pipettes in different laboratories, departments and facilities. Data collected allows operators and managers to monitor history, decide whether a pipette meets the specification and to issue certificates. In addition, Check&Track® can store pipette check schedules, monitor checking deadlines and inform responsible operators before the next due date. Moreover, the software keeps records of balance calibration data and schedules for the next service.

Reduce time-consuming administration like repetitive definition of methods, checking intervals, pipette specifications, recording of data, creation of release certificates and much more – all that is managed by Check&Track®.

External checking of your pipettes includes investments in redundant pipettes and increasing shipping costs. External checking and re-calibration does not replace in-house release. With Check&Track® the decision to calibrate and/or repair a pipette is in your hands. This helps to minimize maintenance costs.

Periodic testing or even testing before the use of a pipette prevents unnecessary experimental failure due to erroneous pipetting. Aside from that, each GxP compliant laboratory needs accurate documentation to demonstrate routine pipette checks and additional release checks after re-calibration and repair. Accurate weighing data need to be corrected with environment parameters (temperature, air pressure and humidity) and are the basis of gravimetric pipette testing. Check&Track® improves the efficiency of these time-consuming checks with its automated capture of weighing data.

  • Guided pipette checks.
  • Electronic collection of balance weighing values from any balance connected via serial port (RS232).
  • Electronic collection of environment parameters from an environment sensor connected via USB (temperature, pressure and humidity).
  • Automatic conversion of balance weighing values to volumes, taking into account temperature, pressure, humidity, altitude and balance weight density.
  • Automatic calculation of statistical significance, based on the specified number of measurements, accuracy and precision.
  • Complete pipette check history, including raw data.
  • Accuracy and precision history (charts) for every pipette.
  • Email reminders per operator, listing all pipettes due for checking within a configurable number of days.
  • Printable audit trails.
  • Single and network installation supported.
  • IQ/OQ documents available on request.
  • Meets ISO 9000, ISO 8655, DIN 12650, NCCLS, GMP and GLP requirements.

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