Cell-based Assays

Cell-based assays are valuable tools in drug discovery as they deliver physiologically relevant data on drug effects. Cell-based assays are considered to be the most complex of all bioanalytical methods and choosing the right partner is a critical decision.

IBR Inc. has a longstanding experience in cell-based assays including primary cells, transformed cell lines and transfected reporter-gene cell systems. The expertise of the IBR Inc. scientists enables characterization of many different biological activities of your molecule, like cell growth, cell death, induction of immunologic effector functions, biomarker expression, induction or inhibition of signaling events as well as drug internalization. By combining cell-bases assays and drug / target binding assays IBR Inc. has the capability to provide a comprehensive assessment of the mode of action of your molecule.

Our Cell-based Assays Services

Our strength is successful development, validation and operation of cell-based assays within the GLP regulated environment. We are capable to support the development of your drug from pre-clinical to clinical phases.

Featured assay types are:

  • Customized potency assays
  • ADCC assays
  • ADCP assays
  • T-cell mediated cytotoxicity assay
  • Whole blood assays
  • CDC assays
  • Reporter-gene assays

Our assay endpoints include but are not limited to:

  • Cell Proliferation
  • Cell Death (apoptosis / necrosis)
  • Cell Signaling
  • Receptor / Ligand Binding
  • Receptor Activation / Internalization
  • Cell migration & invasion
  • Cell adhesion (static and flow dynamic assays)
  • Biomarker Expression on protein (intracellular, secreted and surface marker analysis) and on mRNA level
  • Immune cell activation and proliferation
  • Cytokine quantification

IBR Inc. invites you to discuss your specific requirements for cell-based assays with our experts.

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