Gyrolab™ – the nanoliter-scale immunoassay platform

With Gyrolab™ xPlore IBR Inc. offers an immunoassay platform for high throughput and sample requirement down to nanoliter-scale. The system provides automated sample and reagent dispensing and is capable of processing up to 112 data points in 1 hour. The Gyrolab™ technique substantially decreases matrix effects and can be deployed for all body fluids, cell culture supernatants and lysates. The dynamic range of Gyrolab™ is much broader than the range of a conventional ELISA.

Gyrolab™ technology

The Gyrolab™ platform uses very precise microfluidic affinity columns. 112 columns are engineered on a single CD. Each column contains streptavidin coated beads which immobilize biotinylated capture reagent for analyte binding. Analyte binding is measured by laser-induced fluorescence detection using Alexa Fluor 647 detection reagents. Automated addition of sample and reagents and an overflow channel with hydrophobic barriers ensure a highly accurate loading of a 15 nL affinity column by a flow-through mechanism. The flow-through mechanism reduces matrix interference, resulting in an increased compatibility with many matrices such as serum, plasma, sputum, cerebrospinal fluid, cell culture supernatant and lysates. Compared to a conventional sandwich ELISA, the Gyrolab™ technology demonstrates an approximately 100x broader dynamic range. The Gyrolab™ platform is ideal for assay miniaturization down to nanoliter scale within a range of 20-1000 nL sample volume. 112 data points on one CD are processed within 1 hour with high sensitivity, accuracy and precision. The flexibility of the Gyrolab™ system allows the development of customized assays. Furthermore, a broad variety of ready to use kits expands the range of applications.


The Gyrolab™ software

Our Gyrolab™ xPlore is equipped with GyrolabTM software for analysis of ADA and affinity determinations.

The Gyrolab™ ADA solution provides an automated nanoliter-scale method with or without acid pre-treatment and uses dedicated Gyrolab™ ADA software designed for 21 CFR part 11 compliance.

The Gyrolab™ Affinity solution uses dedicated Gyrolab™ Affinity software that facilitates the design and evaluation of in-solution affinity experiments.


The Gyrolab™ system is a versatile platform that finds its application throughout all phases of biopharmaceutical development, from discovery to pre-clinical and clinical development as well as manufacturing. It is a powerful tool to detect ADAs, nAbs, cytokines, chemokines and other biomarkers, therapeutic antibody-antigen interactions for affinity determinations and potency estimations as well as impurity levels. The Gyrolab™ system presents the advantages of saving time, assay miniaturization and a more wide dynamic range over the conventional ELISA enabling a broad range of applications:

  • PK / TK Analysis
  • Affinity determination and potency estimation of drug - target interactions
  • Assessment of ADA and detection of nAbs using the competitive ligand binding approach
  • Monitoring of cytokines, chemokines and other biomarkers
  • Detection of impurity levels

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