About IBR Inc.

IBR Inc., Institute for Biopharmaceutical Research is a Swiss GxP-compliant contract research organization founded in 1998. We are a first-in-class site in the field of bioanalytical services for therapeutic antibodies, biologics, antibody-drug conjugates and vaccines covering the bioanalytical needs from pre-clinical to clinical development. 

Vision and Mission

To be the top choice bioanalytical partner.

As a boutique CRO we deliver tailored high quality bioanalytical solutions to our valued partners.

Company policy

IBR Inc. is a non-clinical CRO offering broad services in the field of preclinical and clinical research with a large number of established methods. The company has a core expertise in inflammation, cellular immunology, experimental pathology, toxicology and pharmacokinetics. By matching core expertise with customer requirements and well planned operation to meet agreed timelines, IBR Inc. strives to provide customer satisfaction whilst also achieving appropriate regulatory compliance. IBR Inc. has a commitment to continuously develop its bioanalytical services  based on the creative skills of its highly qualified scientists. Active networking, joint-ventures and collaborations worldwide are part of the pursued strategy.

IBR Inc. uses resources carefully and with regard to the protection of the environment. All principles and procedures are developed according to this philosophy. Whenever methods and procedures can be improved in this regard IBR Inc. management will push rapid implementation. Strict procedures for chemical and biological waste disposal are subject to continuous monitoring. There is a commitment to save energy whenever and wherever possible. Intelligent planning of lab work and procedures help to minimise the use of disposable material and diminish waste. IBR Inc. is committed to search for new possibilities of in-vitro test systems and strives to replace animal experiments whenever possible.

Biological, chemical and physical risks are evaluated during the validation procedures for equipment and methods, to form part of the safety arrangements of IBR Inc. laboratories, personnel and the environment. Individual project feasibility risks are subject to discussion within the team and, when necessary, with the customer. Actions taken to minimise the risks are included in the planning of the project.

Quality Standard

Projects outside the scope of GLP

Projects that do not require GLP compliance are, wherever possible, performed to the same standard but unless specifically requested, these projects are not audited by Quality Assurance and the Report does not include a Statement of GLP compliance. Equipment also used for GLP studies is always used to the GLP standard as defined in IBR Inc. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Reagents, equipment and laboratories are, where applicable, clearly labelled “Non-GLP”.

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