Meso Scale Discovery (MSD) – The Multiplexing platform

IBR Inc. offers the MSD ECL immunoassay platform. The MESO SECTOR S 600 instrument is a powerful tool whenever an assay demands multiplexing with high sensitivity, even in complex matrices, such as serum or plasma.
The MSD ECL technology allows rapid development of robust immunoassays to achieve straightforward validation for subsequent sample measurement.


MSD Technology

MSD combines the MULTI-ARRAY technology with ECL to deliver high density information. The multi-spot plates are available in 96- and 384 -well formats with up to 10 array spots per well. The high binding carbon electrodes of the assay plate enables easy attachment of a broad variety of reagents including antibodies and non-antibody molecules (carbohydrates, virus-like particles, peptides and membrane lysates). The surface is even eligible for spreading of living cells. The MSD SULFO-TAG™ label can be easily conjugated to any detection antibody. When the detection antibody comes in close proximity to the plate electrodes and electricity is applied, a series of reduction and oxidation reactions are set in motion. This results in light emission at approximately 620 nm and allows quantitative measurement of analytes in the sample.




The MSD System is a versatile platform that finds its application throughout all phases of biopharmaceutical development. The assays can be set up in a direct, indirect, sandwich or bridging format providing a high degree of flexibility and enabling a broad range of applications:


  • PK / TK Analysis
  • Affinity determination and potency estimation of drug / target interactions
  • Assessment of ADA and detection of nAbs using the competitive ligand binding approach
  • Monitoring of cytokines, chemokines and other biomarkers

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