Our Immunoassay platforms

Drug development processes require highly sensitive, accurate and robust assays. Immunoassays utilizing the target-specific properties of antibodies fulfill these requirements and are commonly used for assessment of drug-target interaction, PK/TK analysis, ADA and nAb detection, monitoring of biomarker (e.g. chemokines, cytokines, growth factors and many more) and detection of cell-signaling events (e.g. phosphorylation).

In addition, immunoassays are valuable tools for the evaluation of interaction between the Fc-part of therapeutic antibodies or antibody-drug conjugates and Fc Receptors.

With the rapid advances in technology, the range of immunoassay platforms available is growing. IBR Inc. offers a broad variety of immunoassay platforms including advanced technologies as well as classical assay formats. The choice of the platform can be influenced by various factors either assay related such as assay range or assay type, or more general factors such as time and cost effectiveness.

Carefully selecting the appropriate platform can improve success in navigating drugs through the development process. IBR Inc. invites you to discuss your requirements with its scientific experts, in order to ensure the proper choice of immunoassay platform and the development of immunoassays tailored to your specific needs. We are capable to support your project from assays development to validation and sample measurement with high quality standards in a regulated environment.


Advanced Immunoassay Technologies

The Gyrolab™ is a largely automated platform that provides a time effective option allowing quick turnaround for analysis of samples. The technology is especially eligible for studies with small sample volumes - down to nanoliter scale.

The Meso Scale Discovery® (MSD) platform allows multiplex assay formats and is capable to capture a broad variety of reagents e.g. antibodies, peptides carbohydrates, virus-like particles, cell lysates or even living cells.

Our broad panel of assays is a result of 20 years of experience in Flow cytometry. The brand new FACSLyric™ represents a new generation of flow cytometer. It enables a high level of standardization and high reproducibility across time and instruments, thereby delivering consistent results, unique assay portability and sharing capabilities.

Proximity assays such as TR-FRET and AlphaTechnology assays relies on energy transfer between donor and acceptor moieties when those becomes in close proximity. These are homogenous assays that do not require washing steps and allow to saving time by shorter procedures with fewer steps, for a faster data generation while retaining the highest sensitivity.

For Ligand Binding immunoassays that require very high sensitivity we leverage TRF (Time-Resolved Fluorescence), including Delfia® technology.

Classical Immunoassay Technologies

We provide ELISAs with customized setup and with our state-of-the-art equipment have capability to offer a variety of readouts like absorbance, fluorescence and luminescence.

For biomarker detection on a single cell level, we offer Enzyme-linked immunospot  (ELISpot)  analysis.

IBR Inc. performs Western Blot analysis from whole cell lysates or cell compartments with classical ECL readout.

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