Collaboration for success in market

IBR Inc. collaborates with service providers, technology suppliers, biotech companies and academia to complement its broad portfolio of bioanalytical services, bringing-in innovation and offering cutting-edge technologies to support pharmaceutical development and help clients to success in market.




Dualsystems Biotech

Dualsystems is IBR Inc’s partner for the deconvolution of cell surface interactions (and proteomes) on living cells through a combination of chemoproteomics and mass spectrometry. With Dualsystems proprietary technology platforms “LRC-TriCEPS” and “LRC-HATRIC” the targets (and off targets) of ligands are identified in their natural microenvironment (intact plasma membrane even of primary cells) without the need of any genetic modification. Further, the platforms can be used to identify new drug targets by elucidating ligand-receptor interactions important in cell-cell communication.



Artimmune is a pre-clinical Contract Research Organization with focus on mouse models of human inflammatory diseases in lung, skin, intestine, CNS, but has special expertise in allergic lung inflammation/asthma and exacerbation by viral infection. Artimmune closely collaborates with IBR Inc. and INEM to provide and develop mouse models and perform in vivo studies. In vivo studies are an essential milestone during pharmaceutical development to assess safety and efficacy of drugs. In close collaboration with Artimmune, IBR Inc. provides its clients with in vivo preclinical investigations combined with its broad in-house portfolio of bioanalytical services and Hi-tech platforms.


Gyros Protein Technologies AB (Gyrolab)

Gyrolab is the world leader in microfluidic technologies and immunoassay miniaturization and automation. Gyrolab nanoliter-scale technology offers broad dynamic range and helps developing immunoassays faster, with high data quality, reliably and precision. Together with Gyrolab we in-house develop immunoassays for detection of biomarkers, ADAs and drug-target binding assays. IBR Inc.’s scientist keep their knowledge on Gyrolab features and applications constantly up-to-date. Read Gyrolab’s interview with IBR Inc.



PerkinElmer closely collaborates with IBR Inc. to develop homogeneous proximity assays and cell-free orthogonal approaches to cell-based potency assays, for advanced pharmacological applications. In collaboration with PerkinElmer, and taking advantage of the great versatility of Alpha technology in assay design, IBR Inc. developed and qualified an AlphaLISA assay that permits a fast and sensitive potency estimation of Bevacizumab. Download application note.


Meso Scale Discovery

Meso Scale Discovery (MSD), a partner of IBR Inc., has developed an advanced immunoassay platform combining electrochemiluminescence and MULTI‑ARRAY technology. The MSD platform provides high sensitivity and multiplex functionality for quantification of multiple analytes, even in complex matrices. We work closely together with Meso Scale Discovery to in-house develop new pharmacological applications, such as ligand binding assays and assays for detection of cytokines and other biomarkers, and ADAs. The team of IBR Inc. is always up-to-date on the latest news on MSD technology features and applications.


BD Biosciences

IBR Inc. sets high value in standardized approaches, as this represents a major challenge in flow cytometry. Within clinical development of pharmaceuticals, where analyses must adhere to the high quality standards of GMP, standardization is the key to produce valid results with high data reproducibility and efficient method transfer (portability). BD Bioscience is the world’s leading manufacturer of flow cytometers and developed, with the BD FACSLyric, a new standardized approach in flow cytometry. We closely collaborate with BD Biosciences to keep our knowledge up-to-date on the latest developments in instruments, methods and reagents.


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